1.  What is mydogsmate.com?

  • mydogsmate.com is an online store selling dogs supplies such as Dog beds,mats,and cushions,dog accessories, dog grooming supplies, dog behavioral training safety equipment, dog feeding supplies, dog walking equipment, dog carrier bags, dog clothes, dog toys, and dog home CCTV. We have over 100 products selection!

2. What are our core values and why you should buy from us?

  • We strive to fulfill your dog needs with great empathy by providing great selection, safe packaging, and good quality products,  responsive customer service, affordable price , membership special discounts, FREE worldwide shipping regardless of the  amount you buy,  Buyer protection (45 days shipment money back guaranteed, secured payments with PayPal, credit cards,  Indonesian BCA and Mandiri bank transfer, tracking order system and privacy security), Free dog educational blog that educate you about dog care that are linked to our products, and also GET PREMIUM E-BOOK( BUSINESS, INVESTMENT, PSYCHOLOGY, PET) OF CERTAIN ORDER AMOUNT 

3.  In which countries do we ship to?

  • We are currently operating our service to over 200 countries,islands, and regions here

4. Where do We operate?

  • We are established in Januari 2019 as a company that is located in Indonesia, Asia. We are assembling our dogs supplies in China with a high standard operational procedure and regular quality control with the high end technologies to ensure you with the great product’s quality.We are currently operating our service to over 200 countries,regions, and islands.

5.  How about the payment?

  • We are currently still working only on PayPal for the payment. PayPal is the safer and faster way to pay. PayPal keeps your financial information secure.  However, you can still use debit or credit cards such as American express, VISA, and MasterCard to pay. For more information please refer here 
  • Transfer bank Indonesia MANDIRI/ BCA

6. How about the shipment and delivery( Shipping time, couriers,etc)?

7.  Do We provide tracking number?

  • Yes, We do. Once We verify your payment, We will give you the tracking number by email. You can track your package by inputting your tracking number track here

8.  Do We guarantee your products?

  • Yes, certainly We do.  We guarantee your products with refunds and replacements. Please refer here

9. Are your stored personal information( such as credit card number, email, personal identity,  username and password) secured in our website?

  • Yes, your personal information is secured in our website. We mainly use your personal information for our internal promotional and educational purpose and we will not give your confidential personal information to the other party aside us.  We use trusted hosting with SSL certificate https:// and  premium domain provider. Please refer  here

10. What are the benefits of becoming our member?

  • You will get the latest information updates about our brand new products promotion, more discounts coupons,prioritized customer service. We will send you the information by email. 

11. How to buy?

  • For customer outside Indonesia, Please check this page 
  • Untuk customer di Indonesia, silahkan cek halaman

12.  If you have any questions about our products, shipment, payment and so on, how can you reach us?

  • Feel free to contact us by email to support@mydogsmate.com. We will contact you shortly and help you to solve your problem. Kindly follow us on
  • Feel free to chat us on WhatsApp by clicking on the WA widget at the bottom right screen
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